WIN token

In this article, we want to describe another cryptocurrency that is called “WIN TOKEN”.


WIN token is a TRC20-based utility token. It is formerly known as TRONBet and WINk’s platform token.

WINK is a decentralized DApp platform that describes itself as a betting DApp based on WIN token.
The platform is mainly based on the development of TRON’s main net, and will later expand to other blockchains, at the same time cooperating with other developers to enrich the platform as a whole.
WINK currently supports TRX, DICE (TRC20), and BTT (TRC10). Players or Users can use these coins on the platform. Also, other tokens are coming soon.
WIN tokens will only be earned through the IEO, secondary markets, airdrops, and promotional events.

WIN Token Issuance:

WINk will create a total issuance of 999 billion WIN tokens. Tokens allocation is as below.

WIN tokens proportions.

WIN Token Release Schedule:


  • WINK stated that: WIN holders are the platform’s core user base and will receive benefits for their support of the token.
  • As the VIP guests of Vegas gaming establishments,  holders will be treated like blockchain royalty.
  • WIN token holders will maximize the value of their tokens by staking for Win Power. A user’s Win Power will be directly proportional to the amount of WIN that is staked. Staking will occur via a smart contract.
  • Gameplay discounts might come in the form of a direct discount, better payouts, or an increased mining rate depending on the DApp and development team.
  • Wink will redistribute its token “WIN” to those users who make the platform possible. The exact staking and distribution mechanisms will be communicated in more detail as the project gets closer to launch. The reward will be distributed in the form of TRX, which is a percentage of the revenue from the platform’s operations.
  • WINk platform will have minimal costs by leveraging TRON’s infrastructure, high volume players and DApps that serve large user bases will still benefit from holding and staking WIN. Holding WIN will decrease the number of resources spent on every transaction.

you can also refer to the whitepaper to find out more about WIN tokens and its mining mechanism.