algorithmic trading

More than


            only in Feb 2020        


230 x Trading Volume within the past 30 days

Major exchanges

including hitbtc, LATOKEN and Exmo have been using our Liquidity Providing Services such as Market Making Algorithm.

Fair Deal

What we offer to exchanges is simple. If we increased your revenue in terms of trading fee, give us a portion of it.

Start Easy

Test our Algorithm for one months with our own funds. Let's see what happens. No obligations attached.


10 open orders

surrounding last trade price


No pay

our algorithm makes it's own profit

Which Pairs?

It is possible to run the algorithm on any pair. This is a Liquidity Providing Solution afterall...

What to expect?

99.9% of all orders would be "Maker Orders". 10 open orders available all the time surrounding last trade price.


Your Difference?

We focus on increasing trading volume, however we can fill or copy your orderbook or reduce the spread.

Try our Algorithmic Solutions today

If you are a small exchange, We can help you compete.

If your are growing linear, We can help you grow exponentially.

If you are stable, then make more money..!

Simply contact us via, we will do the rest.

Market Making Algorithms

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QuantVan Academy

Learn More, Trade Advanced

Here, we are trying to provide you contents that might be useful in the journey of algorithmic trading. Cryptocurrencies are booming, for just 10 main crypto pairs, there are almost 1000 trade executions each second in top 5 exchanges. This means you need a computer to give you a hand in such a volatile market.

Cryptocurrencies are at first a little confusing. we tried to create a journey for you that helps you understand cryptos better if you need to. On the other hand, we tried to gather contents about trading strategies and other financial knowledge that might help you earn more. Even though algorithmic trading is a profitable tool, you need to implement profitable strategies or algorithms in order to make more money.

Learn More

Algorithmic trading with QuantVan is easy. If you know Python, you are halfway through, all you need more is to learn our Library, the one that has all the useful functions you need. We have provided you tutorial videos and documentations in order to help you learn faster.

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