What you can purchase with Bitcoin!

what you can buy with Bitcoin

In this article of QuantVan Academy, we want to know more of what we can do with this magical crypto, Bitcoin. There are here some suggestion of what you can purchase with Bitcoin.

The use of Bitcoin for online shopping and orders is increasing just in the same way as the dollar and euro. Each day, more businesses accept Bitcoin as a payment method, which provide customers products and services to purchase.

Shopping with Bitcoin has wide similarity to regular online purchases. As you go to the payment page after selecting your favorite product, you will pay with entering your bank card information. In the alternative way, Bitcoin is in charge for you. In offline ways, such as buying food from a restaurant near your workplace, using a Bitcoin money bag that can have any device like the phone, you simply do your payment by scanning QR Codes.

Benefits of shopping with Bitcoin

Large companies which work in payment domain such as MasterCard and paypal, are able to boycott the countries and not deliver their services to them.

Safety :

Shopping with Bitcoin and (QR)scans no longer have some problems that you might have with bank cards. stealing credit card information and buyers identity are the main problems of centralized payment ports. but there is no need to share your idenyity while you are shopping with Bitcoin.

No taxes

When you use Bitcoin, there is no such a way to identify and intercept transactions. One of the major advantages of Bitcoin is that when shopping with that, sales tax is not added to any purchase and is not required to pay taxes.

Cellphone payment

Like many online payment systems, users can make their payments anywhere on the Internet using smart phones, and when Bitcoin is used, there is no need to take cash. Also, such as online payments with bank accounts or credit cards, you don’t need to pay with your personal information.

Remain unknown

to create wallet , there is no need to record personal data in the account, such as banks. That is why, when you shop with Bitcoin the buyer and seller identity remains anonymous. Unless the user voluntarily released the bitcoin transaction information.

Online Services with Bitcoin

This list includes Big companies all around the world.

purchase online services with bitcoin


  • wikipedia: provides reliable articles in different areas and also cryptos
  • Shopify : an e-commerce platform that allow users to create their own online stores such what we see so far, Ebay and Etsi
  • Microsoft: One of the biggest technology companies in the world that allows users to charge their accounts with Bitcoin .

Most online retailers are still not using the Bitcoin as a payment method. But there are ways to buy their products using digital currencies such as the gift cards.


List of things you can do with Bitcoin

Where To Spend UK:is an online site that provides a list of stores, places and websites that users can use with Bitcoin payment.


There are companies providing services in different sectors that seek to expand their customers ‘ base by introducing digital currencies as a new option.

Companies like WordPress that allows his users to create their own website and blog and the other ones like bloomberg or reddit that gives you services with paying bitcoin.


These days, most gamers are using online markets. Video games, such as digital currencies, are expanding their digital domain. After all, it’s natural that more game sales platform approve bitcoin, like zinga and Big Fish Games.


donations to charities usually costs you a lot of money. There are also some who are interested in carrying out their donations anonymously. A donation of money in the form of Bitcoin is a unique way of staying away from high fees.

also and keeping the transaction anonymous.


Travel service Businesses that compete with each other by offering similar tools. Providing alternative methods of payment is a great way to attract new customers. There are some websites that you can spend your holiday easily with Bitcoin payment.

Expedia: One of the biggest online travel agencies where hotel reservation is possible with Bitcoin.

WebJet : it will provide hotel, Flight, cruise reservation and renting car or other similar stuffs with bitcoin.

There are lots of other companies that help you to have a perfect holiday traveling only by paying bitcoin


Gift Card

Most of the purchases made with Bitcoin are related to the gift cards.

also This method is now almost the easiest way to buy products and services for large companies and small businesses through digital currencies which can be offline and online .